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Workplace mediation

The cost of unresolved conflict can be significant in terms of money, low morale, lost productivity and damaged reputation.

We offer mediation services that can help you resolve:

  • Conflicts and disagreements between employees and within teams
  • Conflicts between senior managers and other leaders and decision makers
  • Conflicts arising from change and the management of change
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment, oppression, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour
  • Conflicts arising from the reintegration of employees after disciplinary action, a period of sickness or following suspension

We provide skilled, impartial mediators who can help those in conflict reach an acceptable outcome. Depending on the situation, we talk to both sides separately or together, asking questions that help to uncover issues, assist the parties in understanding what’s wanted and help them to clarify the options for resolving their differences or dispute.

Approaching mediation in this way, our overriding aim is to restore and maintain relationships wherever possible. Our focus is not on assigning blame for events that have happened in the past, but on helping all parties to work together to find mutually acceptable ways of moving forward.

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