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Effective communication workshops

Good communication is essential for good business. But is ‘good’ good enough?

What difference would it make if communication in your organisation was even better … if you were to change the way you listened to colleagues, improved the quality and efficiency of your daily conversations and understood more about the way you, yourself, communicate?

Aimed at anyone looking to improve their effectiveness in the organisation, from individuals to managers and team leaders, our tailored communication workshops introduce the principles of good communication – such as active listening, building rapport and constructive conversation – and help the participants to gain valuable insights into their own communication style and that of others.

Our one-day or two-day workshops help individuals to:

  • Take away instantly usable tips and techniques to enhance their communication with colleagues
  • ]Further develop key communication skills such as active listening and effective body language
  • Know how to communicate in an assertive manner that gets results
  • Communicate in a way that moves conversations from ‘blocks and blame’, to ‘possibilities and results’
  • Learn how to use language more skilfully to increase the efficiency and quality of daily conversations
  • Develop insights into their own communication style, and be able to adapt their style to deal with potentially tricky situations
  • Apply practical strategies to their own work-related situations

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