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Action learning

Action learning can help organisations to:

  • Create a culture of shared learning and proactivity
  • Enhance the problem solving skills of managers and teams
  • Embed the learning from development programmes
  • Encourage collaborative working on organisational issues

Action learning is a powerful form of group working which is highly structured and supportive. It captures the best thinking of all of the group members and enriches their abilities. It is often used as a learning intervention in its own right, or as part of a comprehensive development programme.

During the action learning process, participants meet regularly as a small group or set. Peers and colleagues learn with and from each other by working on real issues, sharing and supporting each other to take action on a particular challenge and engaging in group reflection on their experiences.


The impact of action learning can be felt across the whole organisation, extending far beyond the individuals who take part in the groups. Indeed action learning can help shift the organisational culture so that it is more constructive, strategic, collaborative and proactive.

Group members develop a high sense of trust with one another. The process fosters respect between individuals and leads to each person feeling valued. It also encourages participants to be aware of group processes, observe each other’s behaviour and learn from one another.

Participants hone vital interpersonal skills such as questioning, listening, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. They are able to transfer these skills and the knowledge acquired to broader aspects of their work. Members of action learning groups also have an increased sense of self-awareness, giving them more insight into their assumptions, attitudes, decisions and actions.

The action learning groups that we set up and facilitate typically run for an agreed number of sessions and meet on a regular basis, usually monthly. Sets are led by our trained and skilled action learning facilitators.

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