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Opening doors in the minds of clients

As the Owner and Director of a growing digital marketing company, Iain was facing the dilemma of how to expand his business: What additional services would he provide that fitted with his current offering? What might the business structure look like? and how would he maintain his healthy work life balance as the business grew?

Through coaching,  Iain answered these questions and more, and started putting his plans successfully into place.

“Janine is the consummate business coach. She likes to say that her role is about questioning, and “opening doors in the mind of the client” and that what then walks through the door is down to them. I get that, but I think the metaphor underestimates her insight and ability to open the right doors at the right time, even doors where the hinges might be a bit rusty from lack of use. My experience of resolving some long-held dilemmas around the growth and direction of my business within a few short months of her support is testament to that. Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your help Janine!”

Iain Forrest, Owner and Director, Wynyard Consultants


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